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This edition is objective is to present the best SCI-FI independent short films that the world has to offer.

The screenings will be held in Madrid on December 2023.

Rules and regulations:

All submissions must meet Festival Regulations in order to be considered. By submitting a film to the Festival, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

1. All projects must be original works and the producer/ filmmaker or distributor submitting the project to the festival must possess the pertinent rights to such material.

2. The submission fees are reduced and under no circumstance shall the organizers profit from them. As the event is not subsidized, these fees shall serve to cover the travel costs of the guest speakers, passes for the filmmakers, general organization fees, and prizes.

3. Projects must be submitted before 23:59 hours on November 30, 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted.

4. All submissions must have been completed after January 1, 2022.

5. LENGTH REQUIREMENTS: Films must have a run time of under 17 minutes, including titles and credits.

6. GENRE REQUIREMENTS: The Festival is NOT open to all genres. All submissions MUST be considered SCI-FI. Comedies, animation, dramas, action, adventure, supernatural, and/ or documentary films that are also considered science fiction will be accepted as well.

7. Submissions that are not filmed in Spanish should be included Spanish subtitles.

8. Submissions must comply with the stated Festival rules and submission rules or they will be disqualified. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all criteria are met before submitting a project.

9. The selection of the submissions to be included as contestants, as well as the programming of each film during the Festival, shall be the exclusive responsibility of the organizers of the Festival. The Festival shall communicate the acceptance or rejection of each submission privately to the individual responsible for said submission.

10. COPY FOR THE SUBMISSION: Participants must provide a password protected permanent link to the submission.

11. COPY FOR THE SCREENING: Once the selection of contestants is complete, the Festival organizers will individually and privately contact each contestant to request the copy for the screening and provide instructions for sending the copy. The copy must be digital and under no circumstance shall the copy for the screening have a resolution of less than 1920 x 1080. The organizers will also request posters, still frames, and a trailer of the film, and participants give express consent for the use of such items for the promotion of the Festival, including fragmented clips of the trailer to be used in audiovisual promotional materials.

12. If the information provided by the participant in the submission is found to be erroneous and/ or does not comply with these regulations, the organizers may disqualify the submission.

13. The participants agree not to make public the selection of a project as a contestant until the organizers release the official communication of the final list of contestants.

14. By submitting a project to the Festival, the director or producer guarantees the possession of all rights to the project and all material contained therein, and grants the Festival with the following non-exclusive and irrevocable rights necessary in order to select the submission as a contestant in the COMPETITION: The Festival may select both the contestants and the winner of the competition pursuant to its own criteria and to that of those individuals assigned to the task. The participant grants the Festival with the right to exhibit the short film solely during the scheduled event. The Festival may make an unlimited number of publications for promotional purposes containing the name(s), image(s), and/ or voice(s) that appear in the film and of the filmmaker, cast members, crew members, as well as biographies of participants, still frames of the film and the synopsis of the plot, and any other information about the cast and/ or crew provided to the Festival.

15. The works that are online and public, will be automatically disqualified, as well as the works for advertising purposes.

16. The viewing of all submissions is NOT guaranteed. The films that comply with Festival Rules but are not chosen as contestants this year will automatically be submitted for consideration the following year and may be selected as contestants at the discretion of the Festival.

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